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The Fake Gays' Plan

The new lows guys have gone to just to get laid. When I heard this story I was shocked. Some may never have even thought to play this game but many guys to it. The ole bate and switch with a twist.

I pick up a girl from a taco shop in HiIcrest. She asked me if I could take her and her three friends home, which would be three separate locations. (I heard coins in my ears). Of course I would. I was told to take the drunk girl home first, they had enough of the baby sitting. (the passengers were two women and two men). Drunk girl was all over the place, she didn't want to get in my car because she didn't know it was an Uber. I guess she thought is was some random car. The funny thing is she didn't mind....well lets continue the story and you'll find out.

So as I'm driving everyone is talking about the night at the gay club. Only one of the four out of the group was gay. Three military friends went out for a night of drinks and dancing, when one of the girls met this random older guy. Looked like he was in his mid 40's, while the rest of the group looked to be in their mid to late 20's. They bar hopped in H.C. and the random guy followed them. They didn't mind much because he was paying for everything. He bout they drinks the whole night, paid for their entry into the clubs, bought them tacos, and even offered to pay for the Uber.

I hear the random guy trying to talk low to the drunk girl. His voice was very deep but I could hear every word he was trying to say discretely.

Random Guy: So can I get to know you?

Drunk Girl: You want to come over?

Random Guy: Only if you want me to. I won't go if you don't want me to. I'm not a bad guy.

Drunk Girl: Well I don't know, I just met you.

Random guy: Yeah I know, which is why I'm asking you how you feel about it. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable.

Drunk Girl: We'll I'll leave it up to my friends. Ask them and see what they say.

Gay Male: I really don't care what you do. Do what you do girl.

Other girl: I'm not trippin but I don't know him, and I don't get down like that cause' I'm a female

but I'm not judgin' or tryin' to cock block. But if it was me, he wouldn't be coming home

with me. It's your choice. Are you ok with it?

Drunk Girl: No, I'm good, I'm ok. Yeah you can come over.

Random Guy: Are you sure? I mean I can make sure you get inside ok. Is anyone going to help you

get settled in?

Drunk Girl: Yeah you can help me.

Other Girl: Are you sure? I don't want you to be calling me tomorrow all mad at me because you

woke up next to some dude you don't remember lettin run all up in you. And if

something happens, cause I'm sorry I know you been nice and buying us stuff all night

but I'm just not that easy to trust anyone. So, don't get offended but that's just how I am.

Random Guy: No I know what you mean, and I respect that. I'm not offended.

Other Girl: Okay well, be safe.

After we drop the drunk and random guy off, the other two started letting everything out. opinions got real.

Part two of this post will be in a video - coming soon!

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