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The Talking Chucks Gets Real

Whats really under the Sole?

What's really under the sole?

So Uber Pool had just started in San Diego, and everyone was adjusting to it. For those that don't know what Uber pool is, look it up. lol (it's like a carpool, multiple riders going in the same direction). So it's late and I'm picking up this guy from a club. He has his friend with him. The friend starts sharing his frustrations about not getting a girl to go home with him. "I'm trying to get wet tonight, but I got nothing man I'm done with San Diego bro! These girls is dumb!". Shortly after picking them up I get another call. There is crazy traffic in the Gaslamp downtown around 12:30am and 2am. So I call the rider to ask him where he was exactly. Mind you, my phone is connected to my stereo system via bluetooth, so the other two passengers could hear everything.

Rider: Hello

Me: Hi, I'm your Uber driver. I'm just calling to see where you are exactly.


Me: Are you talking to me?



First Passengers: All hell naw!!!! Don't pick him up! Don't do it!

Me: Look Sir! I don't know what you're going through, or what you have been through tonight, but

I'm not going to pick you up with you disrespecting me. I just called to see exactly where you

are. So you have two options: You can change your attitude and I'll still come get you, or...., you

can call another Uber. Which will it be?

Rider: I'm sorry man, please come get me, (sad voice), I just had three other drivers

cancel on me, and I just really want to go home. I'm sorry. Please come get me.

Me: Ok cool, I understand. No worries, I'm on my way, I just need to know where you are exactly.

You didn't type in an exact address.

First Passengers: Fuck that dude man! Don't pick his ass up!

Me: It's all good, he changed his attitude so I will pick him up.

First Passengers: Ok, don't trip bro! If he tries anything we will beat his ass for you. We'll be your

body guards.

Me: That's not necessary, I got this, but thank you anyway!

It took us a good while to get around the traffic and one way streets. We arrived at the location but the distressed passenger was nowhere to be found. My first two passengers started yelling out of my back windows asking for the new passengers name. Then one of them got out of the car, I was in park with hazards on, and he starts asking every guy he saw if they were the Uber passenger. Three guys had the same name, but none of them was the right guy. Then my passenger found a guy, got him in my car, I asked him his name, and he was the wrong guy. LOL. Then my first passengers said at the same time; GET OUT, you gotta go bro!, Sorry have a good night, LOL. I decided to call the guy and he finally found us.

Me: You good man?

Rider: Yeah man, I'm good. I just had a long night and I'm ready to go home.

First Passengers: Ay! We don't like the way you talked to our Uber Driver man! If you gone act dumb then we gone beat yo ass. We just lettin' you know. So you gone act right or what?

Rider: I'm good man. What's your problem?

First Passengers: There ain't no problem yet, but there will be if you don't act right.

Come to find out, all three of my riders are in the military.

Rider: I'm drunk man I just want to go home.

First Passengers: Where yo liberty buddies man? You ain't got no liberty buddies?

Rider; They are still at the bar.

First Passengers: Damn man! You got some fucked up liberty brothers if they just left you?

Rider: They didn't leave me, I left them.

First Passengers: Naw man they left you. You the one gettin' a Uber by yoself'. You need some

new liberty buddies man!

Rider put his left foot over his right knee in a crossed position.

First Passengers: Damn! Whats up with them shoes man? They talkin' and shit. Look! He got ah

extra pair of shoe laces to keep the sole on his shoes, hahaha! Damn man buy

some new shoes, it's that time! That shit is having a full on conversation wit yo'

ass. What you waitin' for?

Rider: There's nothing wrong with my shoes. They still work. So what!

First Passengers: Man you about to get athletes foot in a minute if you don't get some new shoes.

Rider: Well I can't afford new shoes right now.

First Passengers: Then you need to stop goin' to the bars drinkin so much so you can save up to

buy you some new shoes.

Rider: There are other things more important than materials.

First Passengers: Yeah and shoes is one of those important things. They are designed to protect

your feet. So you should get you a pair that work.

Rider: Alright man, whatever.

They go on and on about dudes shoes and they keep laughing at him. Finally I drop the first two passengers off at the base. But they made sure to throw out one last joke before they closed my car door. The rider with the talking shoes still needed to be dropped off at his location. He asked my my thoughts on what the first two guys were saying about his shoes.

Me: My opinion doesn't matter. Are you happy?

Rider: Yes, I'm fine with my shoes. There are bigger problems in the world than to be worried about some old shoes.

Me: Man if you like them, and you are happy then that's all that matters. I'm not here to judge you.

Rider: Well thank you, I appreciate that.

Me: No Worries

The rider begins opening up to me about his life and his emotional issues he was dealing with which stems from his childhood. He never felt love before. We end up having a really deep conversation and I lend my experiences to him. He left my car in good spirits and I said a little prayer for him. I wish him the best.

Tell me what you think. Would you have picked up the distressed rider after he cussed you out and threatened you? What are your thoughts on shoes so old, they have to be held together with shoes laces? How would you have handled the situation?

Comment below.

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