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.~*:: This night was one I will never forget! ::*~.


I was downtown and I picked up a woman from an Italian restaurant. She was a petite woman about 5' 1". By the look on her face, you could tell she had a long day. So as usual I asked her how she was doing and how her day was, as I do with all of my passengers. That little introductory conversation opened up a true story that I wasn't ready for.

She started telling me how she had to work a double, and that she had to stand-in as an assistant manager for the day. She said business was consistently good throughout the day, tables were full, but staff was lacking numbers wise. She said that everything was fine until one customer decided to bring on the drama.

He was a big guy, she said, both in weight and size. She described him as looking like the type that carried aggression with him like a briefcase. He was loud and very demanding toward the staff. She said it didn't bother her much, but everyone noticed his table.

The drama started when he asked for his bill. It was pretty hefty as he had ordered lots of drinks, and desserts on top of the entrees. She said she presented him with the bill and immediately, he beckoned her back. She asked him what she can do for him. He told her there was an issue with the bill. She double checked the bill and went over everything the table had ordered. She told him everything seemed to check out. "Where do you see a discrepancy?". He told her the problem was he wasn't going to pay that much for the bill since he was covering the entire table. He wanted a discount. She informed him that it wasn't possible for her to give him a discount as there currently weren't any promotions going on for the restaurant.

The customer started to get upset and argue with the waitress, (A.K.A. my passenger). He started shouting, "I'm not paying for this bill!". The waitress asked him if he would like to split the bill, or use two cards, and offered him other assortments of options. He told her that he didn't need any options because he wasn't paying for the expensive bill in it's entirety. "I'm leaving $60, and you guys will have to figure out the rest!" the irate customer announced.

After this went on for a while, the waitress had enough of the customers outbursts. She informed him that he must pay for the entire meal or have one of the other customers at his table, help pay for the bill.


"Do you know who I am?", the customer says.

"Yes, you are the one proclaiming to front the bill but refuse to pay, and instead, choose to cause a scene."

Oh why did she let it get personal?

"I can ruin your life! As a matter of fact I'm leaving, and I will return with my gun, and end some lives in this fuckin' restaurant. It will all be because of your dumb ass!"

She told me the guy was liquored up,

The waitress, petite as she was, said, "Go right ahead, and when you do return, make sure to bring what you owe for the rest of the bill!".

"I'm not playing, me and my boys will be back and fuck this place up!", the customer told her.

"So you can afford guns, but you can't afford to pay for your bill?" the waitress said.

"How about I just beat the shit out of you right now little bitch!" the customer said.

"Please do whatever you plan on doing. I had a long day, my shift is ending soon, and you are crying over a bill after you decided to tell your guests you would cover the bill! Go get your gun and I'll wait here, but just know that the police and possibly a swat team will be waiting for you if you decide to come back. So what's it going to be sir?" the waitress boldly communicated.

By this time, many people were standing up in the restaurant ready to assist the waitress if the crazy customer decided to make moves, my passenger explained. The crazy customer and his party left while talking shit the entire time, continuing to cause a scene in the restaurant.

"So did he pay for his bill?" I asked her. She told me he threw some cash at her on his way out, all while calling her all kinds of expletives.

"Did anyone call the police?", I asked.

"A few people did, but I wasn't worried. I just wanted him to leave after everything got extremely heated. It was making everyone uncomfortable" she explained.

"Wow! what a nightmare. I would freak out if that were me. How disrespectful of a large man, or anyone for that mater, to come at you like that. I'm sorry you went through that.

"Fuck that guy! I have been in this industry for years, and I have never been threatened by any customer. I had to make a police report and stay longer than my shift, on top of already working a double. I just want to go home and relax. I'm not even worried or shaken. I'm more angry than anything", she said.


What would you have done if you were in her position? What would you say to the irate customer?

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