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Two Men and a Cougar

Late night at the Gaslamp San Diego, I picked up two guys headed back to their hotel. I don't know why, but people are very open with me about their life experiences. I don't mind it because it gives me material for you guys lol.

They started explaining their experience with a woman. But let me back up for a second. The guys are best friends. Both Ex-Military. One guy is gay, and the other straight. The straight guy moved to San Diego, and the two were going out as it was the straight guys first night in town.

Both guys claimed people were buying them drinks all night. A woman in particular was interested in the gay guy without knowing he was gay. She explained to him how cute he was and she was interested in taking him home. He explained to her that he was gay but he wouldn't mind that kind of experience, as he has never experienced a woman before. She declined and moved on to his straight best friend, whom happen to be standing next to him and heard the entire "offer". He was down for the cause. "Yeah, I would have boned her out", he says - (Keep in mind this is a recap of the situation).

Straight Guy: Man she was a hot cougar.

Gay Guy: Yeah she was! Wait! What am I saying, she is old enough to be my mom.

Straight Guy: But she's not your mom bro!

Gay Guy: I know, but still. She's somebody's mom.

Straight Guy: Who cares, it just a bone. She's probably very experienced and everything.

Gay Guy: Yeah, she would probably rock your world.....I wish a good looking guy would offer me a drink. Where are all of the guys?

Straight Guy: Don't worry bro it will happen for you.

What do you think about their experience? Do you think you would have gone back with the cougar? Do you think the gay guy made the right decision? Give me your feedback.


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