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The Woman Wanted a Ho!

Crazy how we are already three months into 2017. I feel like the earth is rotating faster every year.

I am catching up on my posts since I finally have some time. A lot of craziness happened and I have to get you all caught up. Lets take a peek back into New Years Eve.

It was a rainy night and everyone was out trying to bring in the new year. I picked up a couple from downtown. You can imagine the traffic. It was a little after 11pm, and they wanted to go to a club in TJ, and be there before the ball dropped. We had time, and the conversation was interesting.

They were reviewing what happened at the bar they just left. They were hanging out with friends and associates talking about Trump. Apparently there was a big argument and someone was left feeling pretty low about their political knowledge at the end of that conversation. Someone asked another within the group, why they voted for Trump. Mind you, everyone in the group was Hispanic, including the guy that voted for Trump. The guy couldn't give a legitimate answer as to why, in his eyes, Trump is the best candidate to to be President of the United States. There was no real closure on that subject beyond everyone having more drinks.

As the ride continued on, the woman asked her date to acquire a special gift once they crossed the border. I was shocked, not only at the fact that those words came out of her mouth, but at the fact that she was so persistent and excited about the request. She turn to her date, creates this flirtatious vibe with her body language, while changing voice to be soft, and she asked if her date could buy her a TJ hooker for the night.

OMG!!! I was stunned. She had to be joking, but after a couple laughs, she kept asking him. He turned to her and asked if she was serious. I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know as well.

She said yes, she was serious. This conversation could have gone in so many directions, that I felt the need to butt in to control the direction of the conversation. I didn't want to know why she wanted a prostitute, or what she planned on doing with her. So I asked her, "What do you want her name to be?" She paused for a moment to think about it........................Then she answers in a exotic voice, "Juanita". We all started busting up laughing so hard. It was hilarious.

Out of all of the things in TJ, she wanted a hooker. I mean there are all kinds of thing to buy, even during the night, in TJ. She also requested a new pair of sandals to walk in since she had been in six inch heels for an unknown number of hours. She said she didn't care if they were new or used, she just wanted to get out of her heels and into a pair of flip flops. She was even ready to pay $20 or more for something that really cost under a dollar to produce. That was a 30 min. ride, and the laughs were amazing.

What is something crazy you heard out of a strangers mouth? How did you react, and what was the end result of that situation?

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